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Look! Here we feature popular and fun Christmas Gifts for Kids from various online shops.

Make your Chistmas Shopping for all the kids on your list a breeze by shopping online.

We feature cute, popular and fun gifts for kids of all ages. Check out all of our Christimas Shopping ideas for kids before you leave.

The cute little Furby that you see to the left is really a popular gift for kids this year. You have to admit that he IS cute.

The Crayola Digital Light Designer is a very popular item with kids this year .

Kids love the Sphero Smartphone Controlled Ball and it comes with several apps. Just download them from iTunes and start having a blast.

Don't forget the pets. Check out the gifts for pets page also.

Crayola Light Designer

Sphero iOS and Android Controlled Ball

Crayola Light Designer
Best Buys at: Ebay   Amazon   Walmart
Best Buys at: Amazon   Ebay   

Perplexus Epic Puzzle Ball

'Time For Your Check Up' Doll

Perplexus Epic
Disney Doc McStuffins
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Best Buys at:  Amazon   Ebay   Walmart

Firevision Sports Football

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer

Nerf Firevision Sports Football
Leappad2 Explorer
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Best Buys at:  Amazon   Ebay   Walmart



Which Real Christmas Tree Is The One For You

Real Christmas trees are a nice choice over artificial trees for many.  There are a number of different types of trees that are generally used for Christmas trees.  One of which are the Scotch pines which fit nicely into the average sized home living room.

Others are:

  • Deodora Cedar - this type tree has pendulous needle tips and blue-green short needles.
  • Eastern Red - this tree gives off a great scent and has shiny dark green leaves.  It is sticky to the touch and usually only lasts two to three weeks.  It is best used in a humid climate because it dries out quickly.
  •  Leland Cypress - this type tree is very popular in the southeastern part of the United States.  It has dark green or gray foliage and it has a light, pleasant scent.  This one is great in a home where there are allergen troubled folks.
  • Douglas Fir - this popular tree is easily flocked.  It lives longer than other trees and has a great fragrance.  Its leaves are either blue or dark green. 
  • Fraser - a sister fir to the Douglas Fir the Fraser has needles that are flatter and dark green.  It gives off a pleasant aroma and holds its needles well.
  • Grand Fir - this fir has a more citrus aroma and has dark green shiny needles.  This noble fir is more durable and will hold those heavy ornaments better.  This tree is healthier and lives longer as a Christmas tree. 

Other commonly used types of Christmas trees are the pine and the spruce.  The spruce dries quickly and loses its needles rapidly where the pine offers a great fragrance.

While out doing your Christmas Shopping take a look at the real Christmas trees this year.  Take the kids with you and let them help select that perfect tree for you and your family this holiday season.

Enjoy your tree!

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